A Comment fic meme for the King of Hell

First Crowley Comment fic meme!
greg the bunny
--Leave a comment with your prompt. You can make as many prompts as you want, but please make a new comment for each.
--Say whether you want gen or have a preferred pairing.
Ex: Gen, Crowley reflects on being the new King of Hell.
Ex: Bobby/Crowley. Crowley enjoys torturing Bobby's soul.
--When you fill a prompt, begin the fill with the word Fill and the Title of the fic in bold.
--Fic/art/whatever must feature Crowley
--Any pairing, combination of people, or no pairing is accepted. Het, gen, slash, whatever.
--No RPF, please
--Other pairings, etc. are fine as long as it's not the main focus.

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